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Species Die-off Greatest Danger to Humanity

Global Warming May Be Far Worse Than Anticipated

Road Testing BMW Hydrogen 7

Lovelock Predicts Planetary Wipeout

Something In The Air: Nano Particles And More

Internet Visionaries Betting On Green Technology Boom

AFVI Show: All About Electric Cars (Zap, Phoenix, Dynasty, Gem, and Zenn)

Pace Of Global Warming Coming Faster Than Expected

Plastics Poisoning World's Seas

Ebola Virus Kills Thousands Of Gorillas

Exxon Spends Millions To Cast Doubt On Global Warming

Cow Emissions More Damaging To Planet Than Cars

Europe's Warmest Autumn In 500 Years

How Methane Gas Can Save The Earth

Methane Plant In South Korea Saves, 500.000 Barrels Of Oil A Year

Shorelines May Be In Greater Peril Than Thought

The Pernicious Price Of Petroleum

Disappearing World: Global Warming Claims Tropical Island

Runaway Climate Change, No Way To Predict

Australia Ponders Climate Future

Dire Warnings From China's First Climate Change Report

Christmas Counters Find Fewer Birds Going South

If We Fail To Act, We Will End Up With A Different Planet

World Faces Hottest Year, As El Niño Combines With Global Warming

China Chokes On Coal-fired Boom

Exxon-Mobil Disinformation Strategy The same as big Tobacco

GM's New Car You Can Plug In At Home

Wacky Weather Throws Birds And Bees Off Balance

Are We Putting Our Fish In Hot Water?

Climate Resets Doomsday Clock

Who Killed The Electric Car?

How Hybrids Will Save The Energy Grid

Scientists Offered Cash To Dispute UN Findings



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